Schodo Diy in the minds of quarantine

Shchodo diy in the objects of the hourly hour of rent (hotels, sanatoriums, hostels) in the minds of quarantine in Odessa

Shchodo diy in the objects of the hour-long rozmіshchennya (hotel, sanatorium,

hostels) in the minds of quarantine in Odessa

1. Oznayomiti staff on the subject of a one-hour time-sharing
Diy in the minds of quarantine in Odessa.
2. Secure the staff, I can help you with masks at the reception desk.
3. Rosmistiti at the reception desk contacts hot line with food
coronavirus: 15-50 - postlessly from stationary telephones, 0-800-50-15-50 -
No cost from mobile phones.
4. In the full regime of health, sanitation processing, number, number,
Hola ta іshih primіshchen about the hour of the hour of rozmіshchenny for staff that
5. Safeguarding the disinfection of hands for hands in the empty hour of the hour
rozmіschennya for staff and guests.
6. Restaurants, such as on the territory of a hotel, the right to charge
Gruchuvannya services for guests, like hotel and hotel accommodation, protected
nadavati servants for those who live well.
7. The subject of a one-hour hourly priority of the right to receive services,
most often during the restoration of people the signs of seizure (dry
cough, dyspnea, thin).
8. When there is a sign of seizure of the guests about the time of the hour
rozmіshchennya is necessary:
a. izoluvati person, at such signs of conquest, that nadavati
The picture is included in the number;
b. termіnovo povіdomiti at the call center 103 manifestations of vipadok;
c. Immortalize any contact.

For dovidki
 Garyachі lіnії z nourishment koronavіrusu: 0-800-50-15-50 - without shipment from mobile
phone number, 15-50 - postlessly from stationary phones
 Telegram bot stosno coronavirusu COVID-19:
 The website of the city of Odessa with the most informative information about the coronavirus: